Program Vision

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At the end of July 2019 the following document was published - POLITICAL GUIDELINES FOR THE NEXT EUROPEAN COMMISSION 20019-2024 (POLITICAL GUIDELINESFOR THE NEXT EUROPEAN COMMISSION 2019-2024) by Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, nominated President of the European Commission. It can be found at:

As a civic association for public benefit, with priorities – “Sustainable Development” and “Euro-Integration”, the ASDE-Ecoregions has set the task of updating its program vision and possible paths and solutions to achieve its goals.

The title of the published document, "A Union that strives for more", means to us a call for open discussion - What is the Union aiming at?

Well, we will present our ideas only in some areas in which we have our modest expertise and suggestions, such as:

An European Problems Program, which summarizes a number of thematic sub-programs, such as:

  • Integrated Risk and Security Management
  • Sustainable Management of Territory and Resources
  • Bulgaria-East-West Link

and others

Some specific thematic programs, such as:

Legal Program

Sustainable Bulgaria Program

Historical and Thematic Analysis / Opinions

Map Archive



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